Is there any arduino board that i can connect to my pc using my phones charging cable?

hello . im a begginer and i want to buy a type of arduino that i can connect it to my laptop using my phone chargers cable? i really need that kind of arduino because i dont wanna waste my money on buying a weird looking fat cable just to use arduino

We don't know what your phone charger cable looks like

My crystal ball is not entering the WEB and I had it fixed, but if you tell me about your phone cable, maybe we can help.

RV mineirin

ill give you the image jut wait

usb cable type a/b standard usb 2.0 cable

A standard USB cable has data wires in it as well as power wires whereas a charger cable may not. Can you use the cable to copy data from the 'phone to the PC ?

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yes i can

i wanted the type of arduino board that i can use usb cable type a/b standard usb 2.0 cable on it not if i can transfer data or not

Then you can use it with an Arduino as long as the Arduino has the correct USB connector or can be used with an adapter.

So, what type of USB connector does your cable have on the 'phone end ? Is it a micro USB connector ?

its micro usb . also i have to say that i dont want to use my phone to write code(or thats imposible) i want to use my laptop

I understand what you want to do but frankly I don't understand what you are worried about. Why not buy an Arduino and a suitable USB cable to connect it to your PC. The cables are as cheap as chips and it is an unusual household that does not already have several of them of different types

how much does the cable for arduino uno costs?

You just need a standard USB cable with the correct USB connector

For instance, an Arduino Nano uses a mini USB connector like this 1PCS Black 5 Pin Mini USB Charger Cable Cord for MP3 MP4 PMP Media Player 80cm | eBay

1 dollar? that would be half of my pocket money

Are there no spare USB leads in your household ?


i will have to go in mins

Ok, so let's assume that you must use the USB cable that you usually use to charge your 'phone and to transfer data from it. That means you need an Arduino with a micro USB connector such as the Nano Every Arduino Nano Every — Arduino Official Store

But if you can't afford 99c for a cable then you will not be able to afford any Arduino board

ok . thanks for your help . bye

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