is there any connection different between same sensors and different sensors

Hi, all

Our lab once using one Arduino Uno R3 board control 8 same kind of temperature sensors. Now I want to using same kind of board to connect with 4 different kind of sensors, the technician ask me to ensure how connection should be. I’m totally a layman, really appreciate your help.

A "sensor" could be anything. Do you have a part number or a link to some specs or a datasheet?

thank you for your reply. Sorry for not describe my question clearly. We plan to connect the Uno R3 to a data logging, then all four sensors (1 Light sensor, 1 humidity sensor, 2 temperature sensors) connected to the data logging board by cascade. Thus the data output from one line plug in digital PWM to UNO R3. My question is this kind of connection will affect data transfer? We using this kind of connection for 8 same kind temperature sensors, but not sure it's ok for different kinds of sensors. Again, thank you for your help.

You have not identified the temperature sensor you where using. I assume they were I2C if they are connected in cascade (I assume they are all connected to the same pins and are addressed individually).

The UV sensor and temperature sensor are I2C but the humidity is not.


So if I want to cascade those sensors to achieve control all of them by one board, I need to find a humidity sensor as i2c? Thank you for your patient to help layman like me.

The advantage of I2C is that you can have multiple devices on the same cable so can run 4 wires around the area and connect all devices at different points along the cable.

If it is not important to have them all on the same cable as above, then simply use another input pin.


Based on the OP’s rather vague query, I would not be leaping to the unwarranted conclusion that his existing setup is I2C.

If I wanted to connected 8 temperature sensors to one arduino, I’d be using DS18B20’s, and they are not I2C at all.

The scheme UNO <----> data logging board <----> sensors , seems rather strange. Is this data logging board capable of acquiring and saving the sensor data independently ? What is the Uno for ?

Michinyon, you are correct. I based my assumption on the temperature sensor listed by OP.