Is there any easy to build UAV using arduino UNO

Good day everyone,

I’m new to arduino, but I have a relatively sufficient knowledge in programming and doing hardware. As seen in my title, easy to build UAV, I’m looking for existing instructions that could help guide me to build one. I have seen aeroquad, etc, but they are relatively too time consuming to build. Thanks.


Lets be honest, building a UAV is never going to be an easy project. Perhaps if you were copying a proven design it would speed up the process. There are several UAV specific forum sites, at least one based on Arduino controller(s), but I don't have a link handy.

I've been in radio control hobby on and off for most my life and have enjoyed electric powered aircraft and indoor heli, but I would not attempt to take on a UAV project, I just don't have the space for proper and safe testing. I have seen some very impressive UAVs on U-tube, so it can be done. Not trying to discourage you but taking on a UAV project will be a pretty expensive and time consuming project with lots of setbacks before finished I suspect.


It would be awesome to build one that can safely fly around, but the testing and safety measures you're going to have to take are never going to be easy.
Like you said, the quadrocopters can be relatively easy, since they do not necessarily need a lot of space to operate, but a real 'plane'?

If you're gonna do it I will surely follow the project, because it would be awesome to see.
Good luck!

Try They build them using either an Uno, a Mega, or even a Pro Mini …

As far as I know, there are already drone kits based on arduino such as