Is there any function difference between L298N and L298 stepper module boards.

Hi there,

The HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor in my toy robot car is no longer sensing objects. It now crashes through them.The problem only started since I had to replace my failed L298N old stepper controller module. It worked okay with the L298N module, but now cannot work at all with the L298. The L298N is no longer available and has been replaced with the L298.

Has anybody experienced this problem before me.

Can anybody out there help with my problem.

Best advice, DON'T use any L293/8 they waste power in the out put transistors!! you lose 2-3v og power. Try a DRV based module there's lots to chose from.

I've used the HCxx04 sensor many times no problems at all. See my bots here: under electronics of course..

But please tell us more about the driver board your bot, a schematic would help, and your code (in tags).


There are many different boards using L298s. As I asked in your last thread please provide links to EXACTLY which two boards you are talking about.