Is there any micro controller with inbuilt gsm module?

Is there any micro controller with inbuilt gsm module? I need to find a cheap micro controller <$10 with maybe sim400/300 or whatever gsm module. At least one sensor should be connected.

Many of the GSM ‘modules’ have extra process capability internally...

e.g. LUA built into the modem may eliminate the need for an external cpu in simple projects...?

Whether this works depends on what kind of dollars you’re looking at. Using the common US dollars, it does work. Canadian and Australian dollars should also work to keep the total under 10 of them.

Arduino Pro Micro or NodeMCU or WeMOS D1: about USD 3 a piece.

GSM module: about USD 5 a piece.

combined: <USD 10.

? wvm...
Why add a Pro Micro, NodeMCU or WeMOS if you don’t need it for many small projects?

The modem chips have a bit of I/O, extra serial and enough ROM/RAM for fairly complex projects.

Never seen GSM modules used in that respect. Would be interesting if they can do that much, but it's depending a lot on the actual sensor needed, and what else has to be done, and how low power it has to be. Maybe an ATtiny would be a good solution for reading the sensor.