Is there any module/technique available to vary the output voltage with arduino

i need to produce analog voltage which varies from 3-15 v form my ardunio am using ATMega 328 controller , but in my board there is only 5 /3.3 V available how can i vary , please help me with this situation. Is there any module which could be interfaced to get my required analog voltage ?

No you have to build one.
You also need a power supply equal to or greater than the largest voltage you want.
You use a transistor to switch the gap higher voltage with the own output then you need capacitors to smooth that voltage back to DC.

Part like this, with an op-amp added for voltage output. Parallel input interface, so add shift register(s) to input if don't want to tie up 10 output pins.

See Figure 11 on page 8

As well as the voltage range issue you need to know what current the load needs - an
opamp won't be able to source or sink much current unless its buffered with a high current