Is there any tutorial how to create a Arduino of an ATmega8 ?


I have 3 pieces of the ATmega8-16UP and i want to create own Arduino with these chips. I don't know where to start so i asking you if there is any manual?

I have allready Arduino Mega who i gonna use to brun in the bootloader and the program to the ATmega8.

EDIT: Can this work with the ATmega8?

persson121: Can this work with the ATmega8?


But can i not burn the boot loader with the Arduino UNO Rev 3? Or is this the only way?

Optiboot is now installed by default on the Arduino Uno. It can be installed on all older mega8, 168 or 328 based Arduinos.


Please help the community by using Search/Google 1st... There are only so many cycles for forum replies and many need assistance.