Is there anyone who have done 3 phase load balancing using arduino and simulate in proteus ? please help me in this

Hi Everyone
I'm new here, Is there anyone who has done 3 phase load balancing in proteus using Arduino. Please help me with this. If someone is good at coding also then help me with this.

I suspect that you mean the Proteus Design Suite, not the prophetic old man of the sea or a genus of Gram-negative Proteobacteria.

I've been hanging about the forums for a bit over eight years and I think I've heard of someone using the Proteus Design Suite once. Tinkercad, a couple of times, but no Proteus.

Other than passive power monitoring, how could the Arduino be used in 3-phase power management.

Hi, @tejraj_97
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Are you looking at balancing phases and/or phase correction due to Power Factor?
Overall load on a 3phase network?

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Hi Tom
Thank you so much for your reply. actually, I'm working on 3 phase load balancing(R, Y, B phase) and load shifting if overload. If you have any idea regarding this please share it. and also if you are good at the coding of 3 phases, Then I can provide you the research paper and simulation file. for more detail mail me on or share yours.

This is a major electrical power application.
Sorry I can't help.

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Yep , hardly a hobby Arduino type project .You need:

  1. Qualifications
  2. In depth Knowledge
  3. Industrial type controllers etc .

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