Is there anything similiar to SREG for the arduino due???

Hello to everyone,

i have written a function that’s worked for arduino Meaga/Uno - but now i would get it work on the DUE.
The code look like:

inline void getCommandData(uint16_t* data, uint8_t numOfChannel)

		uint8_t l_oldSREG;
		// remember status register
		l_oldSREG = SREG;
		// disable Interrupts
		// get the data
		for(uint8_t i = 0; i<numOfChannel; i++)
			data[i] = m_ChannelData[i];
		// put status register back
		SREG = l_oldSREG;
		// enable Interrupts

But this doesn’t work, because the SREG are not available on the DUE.
Does it exists for the due such an Status Register and how can I access it?

Any help appreciated. Thanks you!