Is there anyway to fully reset a nRF24l01 module using Arduino?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that requires both Bluetooth Low Energy and simple RF serial transmisstion, therefore I'm using an nRF24l01 module, because there's a "bit-banging" method ( to make the module work as an advertising-only Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral , and the Mirf library is easy to use. I'm trying to combine these two, which means the module will switch between BLE mode and Mirf mode when a button is pressed. The code works fine for each mode alone, but when I try to switch to the other mode, or simply initialize a mode after the other, the modules stop working properly. I figure it might the the setting of the registers (I copied the initializing part straight from the example code of Mirf and BLE bit-banging). And so to switch modes I first need to reset all the registers of the nRF24l01 chip to their initial states (I'm not sure though), is there anyway I can do this without turning the module off and on again?

Thank you for helping me :D

It's possible to access the configuration registers via SPI so you might be able to reset it to a 'clean' state. Alternatively, if you power it from a digital pin you could literally power it down. I think you would need to make absolutely sure all the other connections to the device were at ground voltage before you powered it off to avoid damage..

Thanks, I had a quick reference to the datasheet of the nRF24l01, and tried to set all the registers to their reset state, and it's working now. You rock :D

Can you give me your solution with a Code Example. That would help me a lot. :)