Is there some BT4.0 module capable of request and subscribe service-char ?

Hi there!

I'm triying to set my HM-10 BLE as a central mode, that's it, in a way that I can subscribe and write into service-char of another device (in this case a Tensiometer BLE to get systolic, diastolic and pulse data). I know that I must set master mode and then connect to it, and I get it.

But... Im reading forums and it seems that is no way to do it with my BLE module. I can do it viceversa, setting service-char to send data.

So my question is: is there another module with a library examples that I could reach that purpose?

THANK YOU so much !! :slight_smile:

Anyone can help me? :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure you can do this with the HM-10 but there are a couple of things you can look in to:
1 - the self learning function
2 - creating and using a second characteristic

The issue with the HM-10 is that you do not have access to the BLE layer (it is hidden by the serial UART layer). For this you probably need a different module like one based on the Nordic chips.