Is there some guidelines for making a drone ?

I’ve started working with arduino a while ago , so have a little bit of experience with it , now I’m thinking of making a drone and I don’t know where to start so if someone can help me with guideline or even some general topics to go through will be really appreciated , thanks

Weight is the drone killer. You need thin PCBs with tiny SMD chips. You need so much stuff that is specific for your application.

A large quad copter drone is capable of carrying the weight of an Arduino Uno but if you make that your main processor, then your payload capacity is back to zero again.

What is the mission you are designing for? Does it carry a camera or go fast or what?

Try going to and using MultiWii ( RCGroups RULES! (Not trying to dis Arduino) I am Isaac96 there too. MultiWii is Arduino code that can easily be adapted to fit needs-type of multirotor, PID settings, and sensors. BTW, register with the FAA!

I am also trying to design a drone (well, actually a high tech RC plane). The areas you [u]NEED[/u] to look into include:

  • Wireless comms (XBee transceivers work very well for this)
  • Joystick interfacing (use analogRead(pin) to determine the position of a joystick, which is in fact a potentiometer)
  • RC motors (inboard vs outboard runners)
  • Batteries (LiPo battery usage guidelines and constraints)
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers) (used to control the RC motors - need to have a LiPo rated for at least what the ESC will require)
  • Servo interfacing (there is a library for this that makes things easy)
  • SPI/USART/I2C communication so that all of your electronic peripherals (such as sensors or other microcontrollers) all talk to each other

Does this help?

Also, somewhere on this forum there was a LRS system using the RF22 boards. Somebody on rcgroups made a 0.3g receiver and a ~1g control board. Seriously, though, go to rcgroups and look in the multirotor section. There are over 1.4 million members! Are you going to scratchbuild?

how to make a drone

i want a instruction book of making the drone and i want the camera and drone progrmme

issac96- i want what do we need to make a drone and tell me plug it

What happens when you type those phrases into Google?

This forum is good at answering questions that can't be typed into Google, such as "I can't see the error in this program, can anyone help?"