Is there something wrong with the output pins on my Arduino?

I have an Arduino Uno and I have a breadboard set up with 8 leds and a shift register and my arduino is running a program. However while I have jumper wires connecting the pins and the shift register, the leds don't light up according to the program unless I really hold the jumpers into the pins and put some pressure on them to stay there. When I do this, the leds light up as programmed. But I see this as a problem, if I'm not holding the jumpers in the pins in the arduino, the program doesn't run correctly. So, is there something wrong with the pins on my arduino and is it fixable?

Jumpers come in varying qualities... different thickness and flexibility. You should probably try a different brand.

I've tried different ones that I, but they are all basically identical. I will try to get other ones and see how it works.

An alternative is to get some headers to push in- they are usually very firm, and then solder wires to the other side of the headers.

Or get a screw shield