Is there such a thing as a stand alone bootloader programer for attiny 44,?

Hello Wonder if anybody knows if such a thing exists, i bootloader programmer for a atting 44, 14 pin package? I dont want to program it in circuit as i need the tx and rx pins


I dunno if there is anything special about the 44, but I program my ATTiny84 chips with the Sparkfun Pocket Programmer, six wires and a breadboard.

Same chip, less memory. Different signature byte. Here's an add-in to the IDE for the chip.

Thank you

My core does not include serial bootloaders for the 24/44/84 series. There are a few complications that led me to the conclusion that those chips were better suited for use with ISP programming (I use a USPAsp):

  • Bootloader is a bit larger on boards that don’t have a hardware UART on board, and software serial is a little fiddly
  • On anything with less than 8k of flash, the amount of space taken up by the bootloader really hurts.
  • The internal oscillator is not accurate enough for serial to work reliably without calibrating it.

I do have bootloaders for the tiny841 - that’s an improved version of the 84 with two hardware serial ports and another two PWM pins, and some other great features - unfortunately only available in SMD packages, no DIP. I didn’t bother building the bootloader for the 441 because you’d lose like 640 bytes of flash, 16% of the total you have. The tiny841’s internal oscillator is good enough for serial at 3.3v, and with reasonably simple workarounds you can make them work well at 5.