Is this a crazy idea for Arduino and Ethernet?

Hello, I have a Logging project that I'm trying to log faster and longer then i need to. The problem is the Ethernet when sending the data to a mysql database. I'm seeing that being on Spi the logging Sd card and ethernet is slowing the logging.

The Sd card and Ethernet module are on different modules. So i was curious of maybe using a middle man processor a second arduino processor to convert from the Spi on the ethernet to Serial or i2c. I'm not looking for speed on the ethernet. So i need opinions do you think this is possible to have a middle man processor and if so How can i do something like this in programming. I never tried something like this its more advance then I'm and I'm not very skilled in programming. Any advice would be great. Thank you.


Hi Joseph,

Yes, I think it is a crazy idea. But I can't be sure because I don't understand what problem you are describing.

If you are logging faster and longer than you need to then the solution is to stop doing that! Perhaps you did not phrase that part of your post well, because it sounds like you are knowingly and deliberately creating the problem.

Also it seems like you are saying that the Ethernet module is slowing down the SD card module. Is that what you meant to say? I do not think that it would do that.

The idea of using another Arduino is a mistake that many beginners make. It is almost never a good idea. Usually one Arduino is more than fast enough if used correctly.

SPI is much faster than serial or i2c, so I don't see how changing to use one of those interfaces will make things better.

What I recommend is that you read the forum guide so that you know what you need to post in order for the forum to help you. A schematic, links to the specs of the components you are using, your code, and some output that helps us understand what problem you are having. Read the guide to find out how to post these things correctly.

Hello Paul, I'm wrong and i posted this as a programming question. This is more of a hardware problem. Hello admins can you please delete this post I'm pharsing this wrong. Now I'm looking at this problem it seems to be hardware problem not software.


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Fine, but all my comments on the previous post remain true.

I think if you are not skilled in programming, it would be unwise to assume this is a hardware problem. Perhaps you want to believe this is a hardware problem because you are more comfortable with hardware problems.

Hello is there any Ethernet modules that can work on serial instead of using SPI? I know there are a few out there that can do that but they are used for the esp8266 And not for the Arduino boards?


Do you mean this sort of thing?
Ethernet to TTL RS232 Serial TTL to TCP/ IP RJ45 Convert Transmission Module | eBay

Hello Yes i saw that as of 15 minutes ago. Would this work on the arduino and if anyone has gotten it to work? I see somethings on it people are talking about but not how to get it running.


I can't work out from the postings if it is ttl serial or rs232, if the latter you might need a ttl to rs232 converter. Have you seen any documentation on the device?

Hello, I can not find nothing with this module on arduino. Not even seeing if there is a library for this.


Hello @josephchrzempiec
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I would not expect to see a library for this. y understanding is that this allows you to take any RS232 serial line and convert that to Ethernet. There are plenty of cheap simple boards that take the TTL serial signal from for example an Arduino and convert that to RS232 again there is no library and I would not expect one.

One example of documentation for the a converter: [64081-manual-A4-20200617-01.pdf](file:///C:/Users/notwa/Downloads/64081-manual-A4-20200617-01.pdf)
Depending on what converter you buy and from whom, the instructions will vary from good to non-existant. Setting up the Ethernet side of things looks to usually be done from a PC with ethernet - but there may be variations.

Hello all, I'm sorry i didn't reply back. I have been taking care of my father who is bed ridden. I was wrong in many ways and unclear what i wanted to do because i thought the Ethernet module was messing up my logging project. I was trying to log 4 sensors each one of them 4 to 6 times a second then advantage them out then save to a sd card. While it was trying to log files about every 3 minutes it would send the data to a mysql database for storage and make a nice graph later on when i get figure out how to make a graph. But this is getting ahead of my self.

When the data was sending from the Sd card to mysql what i have collected Somehow the logged was as i would put it skip a loggin so i would lose that time from sending from Sd card to mysql. I thought it was a ethernet project jaming up the spi channel. However looking into it more futher it seems it is the module it's self. That one thing i didn't say clearly I'm using the ENC28j60 Ethernet module. Which i do not know very well. I do know the wiznet modules i didn't have at the moment.

I can not share any code right now because i had to go back to my farther place and wherei grew up at over 700 miles away to take care of my father and put this project on hold into i get back. I will post a update of my code when i get back to my home. I'm unsure if it is the code it is the problem or the hardware. because I can send data with no problem and i can log with no problem. however i can not log while sending data.


Another update. I also thought of maybe converting the The ethernet module which is spi to i2c maybe that was my problem. And it is not my problem. but my fault on the trying to convert something crazy like that.


Based on the additional information you are giving, my first suspicion would be a problem with the code. If you have both an SD card and Ethernet, each of which work individually, I would look at memory usage. You don't appear to have said which Arduino you are using, but just the presence of the Ethernet and SD libraries will use over half the memory of an Uno. If you are using any dynamic memory allocation (eg. Strings class) then I would double the chances of this being a memory issue.


Hello, I’m sorry I thought I might of said which board I was using. I’m using the arduino uno board r3.

Edit: currently I do not have any other board free up for this.


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