Is this a problem? It is an arduino uno r3 clone that i bought and the pictures show the silver thing being somewhat misplaced. Thats my question: Can a problem occur from that or not? smiley


Yes, huge problem. Based on the picture, you only received 1/4th of the entire board!

Since you didn't describe a problem, I assume that was your question.

[Edit: If this seems out of the place. The original post was a link to the picture, repeated twice with no other context.]

It only shows about 1/4 of a Arduino board. What is your point?

No, it shouldn't be a problem.

That's the crystal, no big deal. If it works, don't worry about it.

The Xtal sits crooked, bacuse of the pin size mismatch.

The pins on the xtal are maybe 0.4-0.5mm in thickness, and the holes in the PCB is maybe 0.7-0.8mm - in that case, it can be turned a lot around, and still be soldered in perfectly. It does not matter in any way!

Look at other boards, it's quite common for some components to sit very crooked.

// Per.