is this accomplishable?

I've looked and can't find anything like this but I need it for a vip project. so... Can the arduino with some modules perform this task:

usb connect to a computer
wifi connect to network

housing lights with green light when there is wifi network connection
housing lights yellow when wifi network is up and no network connection is present
housing lights red when no wifi connection?

I will need a custom translucent housing (semi circle dome) that can fit and arduino and applicable modules. Unit will be USB connected to laptop but needs to maintain individual connection to wifi by itself. Technically having it checking with server would be benifical with the server then notifying that network connection has been lost.

Is this an arduino project, or is anyone aware of a product that already provides this application?

does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Does any have any experience with a project of this type? The application is in areas where visual notification of network status is simplified for the end user for trouble shooting. Should this work out with software and the like, I think that the initial build wiill be somewhere north of 100 units.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Also, for development if this project does not exists, we are willing to compensate a potential developer to build this for us and we'll take care of manufacturer sourcing. Royalty payments may be applicable.

you can accomplish this prefectly with arduino, all you need is this:

that's it. now all you need is make it search for a wireless network, if it found one, connect to it, and make you led shine the way you want it:

  • if a connection is set up, light the green anode of the led
  • if a network is found, but it could not connect, light the red and green anodes of the led
  • if nothing is found, light up the red anode of the led