Is this an existing library protocol?


I want to connect my Arduino to a CS1694 display driver chip. The 3 wire interface this uses has the signals STROBE, CLOCK and DATA IN/OUT.

From the data sheet is seems we lower STROBE and clock the data bits in or out. CLOCK is lowered before each bit is read/written and raised half way through each bit and then lowered before the reading/writing the next bit. The minimum data pulse width is 800ns.

Is this a commonly used communication format with a library to use?



Sounds like a perfect match for SPI, to me.


Thank you. I checked out the SPI wiki and it does indeed look like a version of SPI with a bidirectional data line. I will give that library a try.

Thanks for you help.

Regards b1ackmai1er

SPI ( as implemented in the Arduino SPI library code) to my understanding and past use does not use or have avalible a bidirectional data signal. Rather it uses seperate send and receive data signals, MOSI and MISO are the two data lines, along with a master clock output signal and a master out Slave select signal make up the SPI electrical interface signals.

Or did I misunderstand something?


Lefty I think you are right but I think I can get away with this by having a diode on the arduino input and output line and then tying them together to connect to the CS1694 chip.

Sounds good in theory anyway!

regards b1ackmai1er

Hi, I am also trying to interface with CS1694 I can only find a Chinese data sheet. Do you have an English copy and did you have success in interfacing with it? Thanks

Hello friends, I am looking for a good week now information on the web about this control a chip, and I'm at a dead end the only thing I was able to initialize the display

i send you the code that I used, is not fully functional because sometimes displays bushes

is any one make it works ?