Is this board suitable for driving DC motors?

I was looking at Digikey and found a great driver board. VND7140AJ It is made for sourcing up to 12A at 4 to 28 volts According to the datasheet it is intended for "All types of Automotive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads".

Would it work OK for a small DC motor? 1-directional, 12V, max of about 5A at stall.

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Can you give us the Digikey part number please?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

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I will need flyback diodes. Are these OK? 40V, 3A Schottky. Voltage drop of 525 mV.

That dual high-side switch looks capable - check the switching time, often these kinds of chip
are slow to switch and thus not designed for PWM.

The peak current rating of the diodes should be enough for the max motor current.

Minimum time of 10us on and off, max of 100us. How fast is the hardware PWM on the 328?

Completely unsuitable for PWM, as I thought. This is for turning on lights and stuff, not a variable speed motor driver.

Hmm… What would you recommend from DigiKey or Mouser for under $10?

How about VNH5180
8A, 41V. Purpose-designed motor driver.
I do have a level shifter.
20KHz PWM.