Is this chip programmable by Arduino?

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I’ve found this project on the net, using the Atmel AT89C2051. Is this chip programmable using the Arduino? And not to burn the bootloader, but a .hex or binary file.

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That chip emulates the old 8051 processor. It's not an AVR processor so I don't think Arduino will be able to work with it. Check the datasheet and see if it supports In Circuit Serial Programming.

I may be way off… but back in the day when I started using AVRs (and left the '51 behind) I seem to remember that the 2051 was the greatest because it had a bootloader. Question is, was it implemented by someone or provided by the manufacturer? I think someone made it, but at the time didn’t bother figuring it out as I never used it.
Good news is, if there was a bootloader for it, chances are that it may take some kind of ICSP. From the manual, it seems like it is programmed by bitbanging the code on 4 pins. There is, however, a problem about raising the Reset pin to 12V… not sure how you’d accomplish that with an in-system programmer.
Give it a google on AT89C2051 bootloader.

Another problem you might run into is that I don’t think there is a free C compiler for the '51 family. I used the Keil compiler and it was expensive at the time. Plus, I know the 2051 doesn’t has all the bells and whistles you get from an AVR chip. Is the application complicated? Can you port it to AVR maybe?

I'm making a hardware PS/2 keylogger, described on:

Were you able to complete your project?
If yes, how?

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