is this code correct to print array[]

here is a only part of the code which reads on analog pin A0, then puts it into array

int offs = 0;
int myArray[1024]

void loop(){

while(obufn==bufn); // wait for buffer to be full
memcpy(((uint8_t *)myArray) + offs, ((uint8_t *)buf) + obufn, 512); // send it - 512 bytes = 256 uint16_t
offs += 512;

for (int i=0; i<1024; i++) {
Serial println(myArray*); }*
I wonder if the code is correct or I am missing something
put into array data first and then print all 1024 readings

You did not mention what Arduino board this code should run on.
If it is an UNO it will not work.
int myArray[1024] will use 2048 bytes of RAM which is all the UNO has.

But it will not compile anyway due to (too) many errors, like:
int myArray[1024] - there is a ; missing
obufn, bufn, buf are not declared.
Serial println(myArray); - there is a . missing and an index

You need to post all your code, and post it in code tags so that it isn't turned into italicised text by an array reference.