is this crystal suitable?

hi for my first project, im learning to pcb design, and im laying my own board out, using surface mount components not knowing anything about crytals just wondering if this crystal is suitable to use with a ATMEGA328-20PU chip.

thank you

16MHz, 20pF load capacitance - yes that should be fine, use the standard two 18pF capacitors with it.

hi mark thanks for the help i thought they were 22pf? hasnt got a value on the circuit diagram cheers

The capacitor value is not critical, unless you are looking for a very accurate clock frequency. 18pF or 22pF will do. If you don't need such a precise clock frequency, then a 3-terminal ceramic resonator costs less than a crystal and has the capacitors built in.

ok thanks very much

The capacitors are effectively in series so something like 33 pF would be more suitable, allowing for stray capacitance.