Is this doable with the mega? or even the 2009?

I am having doubts about how much I can put onto a project, so I need your help:

I need to run 3 (or possibly 4) motors, 3 (or possibly 4) buttons, and a sensor (probably US, so you can count 1 analog pin for that, since I can use a common ground on the 'duino and an external power supply if i need to.

*the motors will be run with a H bridge, but each needs to be seperately controlled, so 3 (or 4) h bridges will be needed…

Is that doable with one mega? or 2009? and if it is, could I somehow hookup 2 motors per each h bridge (rotating at the same exact speed), that way i have a total of 6 (or 8) motors… or in other words, 3 (or 4) pairs of motors?


you have 19 I/O on the duminalove


4 dc motors = 8 I/O
4 buttons = 4 I/O
1 sensor = 1 I/O

you have 6 more I/O, so you can have 3 more motors

If you need to control more motors, you can look at an I/O expander or the MEGA

What he said. Here’s an H-bridge example for the motors:

Thanks guys… and also… Is there a way to sorta hook up something along the lines of 3 bluetooth chips to the arduino, then send “messages” to each of them telling them to control motors on their end using an hbridge each… or must they be connected to arduino’s which control the h bridges?

A Bluetooth module isn’t going to have processing logic in it to run an H-Bridge, furthermore, I’m pretty sure most BT is going to be serial data or something more complex. You won’t be able to turn it into digital logic that’ll run an H-bridge. Not on the module anyway.

If you want to do wireless communication, you can do it for a lot cheaper than Bluetooth. Even with Bluetooth, you can send the different signals through one antennae and have the chip decide which motors to run. If you could do it with 3 BT modules, you’d probably still want to do it with a Microcontroller instead, because it’s cheaper and easier.

The XBee modules are cheaper than Bluetooth and have the ability to directly control some GPIO pins from the module. That might be a better way to wireless control the motors.

so ure saying direct hbridge control is possible with xbee modules? and you could network a number of them as well?

if yes, any good tutorials out there? or could you recommend exactly which xbee shield would work best for a super small range wireless multiple unit wireless network, cause there seems to be a bunch of variations of the module around…

well if you are going to be using the xbee’s GPIO to control the H-Bridge you don’t need the Arduino. You can instead you a break out board like the one sparkfund offers:

You should also get this board to program them:

As for tutorials, I don’t remember seeing anything extensive. The book Making things Talk by Tom Igoe has a nice example. I know Rob Faludi has an example as well on his webpage somewhere but I can’t find it now.

wonderfull, according to the links, the series 1 is my best bet for short range… but there are 3 versions - wtf? im assuming they are all just different antenna types, but just to make sure, is there any difference BESIDES THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ANTENNA between these 3: