Is this Eagle or Arduino standards

Hi all

I am new to Eagle. I use Altium desginer.

I noticed that in the PCB file of the Arduino Mega all the 0805 footprints have round pads. So I do not know if it is standard to have round pads for 0805 footprints in Eagle. Is it an Arduino thing or is it standard in Eagle? Maybe the pads solder easier? Please comment.

I also noticed that Eagle have lots of layers, like glue layers etc. The glue layer is used for the 0805 surface mount components. If you assemble these boards in sizeable quantities -by hand- will it be easier if you glue the 0805 packages before soldering? Is it done for hand and/or Reflow soldering?

Thanks for educating me.

The round pads for SMT components seems to be an Arduino thing. The default SMT libraries provided with EAGLE use rectangular pads (although they have "other" problems.)

I think you only need actual glue of you're going to be putting components on both sides of the board and then doing reflow. For components on the top only, the paste will be adequate to hold the components in place. Or you can hand-solder, carefully, one at a time with neither paste nor glue...