Is this feasible: belt clip countdown timer

Hi. Delphi and some VB programmer here.

I have this idea and I'd like to know if it's possible to complete with this new device that I hear so much about - the Arduino.

Basically, the device will have a belt clip and a person wears it there. It needs to be as small as possible, and as inexpensive as possible, so what model of Arduino that can do what I need it to do would be good.

It needs to have a countdown timer with 2 7-segment numeric display. If there is an inexpensive display that has scrolling text, etc, then I will consider it. (I guess that means that I would have to program the Arduino more.)

There should be the following buttons:

Start - start the countdown from x seconds down towards 0 seconds Stop - stop the countdown until further action Reset 1 - the starting value for the next countdown Reset 2 - the starting value for the next countdown, which will be different than Reset 1 Set Mode - so that the values of Reset 1 and Reset 2 can change from day to day --------------- perhaps "Start" can also be +1 for the purposes of assigning value to Reset 1 or 2 --------------- perhaps "Stop" can also be -1 for the purposes of assigning value to Reset 1 or 2

The unit should vibrate at 10 seconds left and 5 seconds left. A small beep should occur when the countdown hits 0.

What do you think?

As small as possible and as cheep as possible, but, vibrate and beep, and use 7 segment displays and a battery and an Arduino. Mutually conflicting requirements, here, I think.

Be better off seeing if you can get something made in china, I'd think.

Really, there's nothing in your requirements that needs an Arduino.

Arduino can do this all but it's not meant for you to minimize cost or size or integrate in a production. You can make a prototype but the limited function you intend to achieve probably fits a less powerful MCU chip or even a simple IC that does this.

Thanks for the input, guys.

Does anyone know how to contact a company from China to do what I need? I did contact a couple of US firms and they started at $10,000.

Maybe someone will respond if you post here:,26.0.html

I suggest you get a circuit design first.

How many of these do you want to make?

Any of the 20-IO arduinos would do it, or a minimal standalone unit: 2 7-segment display = 9 output pins 5 buttons = 5 input pins vibrate, beep = 2 output pins for offcenter motor & buzzer/speaker, likely transistors to drive them so 16 pins of IO, 4 to spare. Start turns into Stop button, so maybe only need 4.

Can do with a promini, fit the whole thing in a cellphone size belt clip, was just looking at some in Home Depot even.