Is this feasible?

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New to the Arduino - In fact about a week ago I first heard of. Not sure if this is the right spot and I'd also hate to clutter the forum with random topics but after researching on the site this is my next choice.

The question is is this design feasible with an Arduino system?
I am building something called a Rocket Mass Heater (essentially a fireplace of sorts) - I am trying to add a automatic pellet feeding system to my build.

How I would need it to work:
Temperature is checked via a thermometer and compared to a set temperature (set on a display with buttons). After the temperature is checked - if heat is needed then a auger motor (pellet feeder auger) is turned on for a certain time - variable depending on the difference in set temp vs actual temp
waits 2 hours before checking temp again (this is crucial because a mass heater doesn't reach max temperature till hours after initial burn so it couldn't just feed and check temp continually)

Seems like you can do many things with an Arduino and there are parts that allow different readings such as a thermometer.

Anybody has any clue if this is a feasible task for an Arduino or should I keep looking?

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It's surely doable. You tell about thermometer. Is that a room temp. meter? That is easy to use. A fire temp meter would call for more special ones.

Yes, that is a fairly typical Arduino application, and similar projects has been done several times. Use your favorite search engine to look for the phrase "arduino pellet stove", which turns up several articles.

You will need appropriate temperature sensors and power electronics (with logic level inputs) to control the feed system. There are also lots of tutorials on reading buttons, displaying data on small LCD displays, etc.

Yes, that is possible, but your project is also dangerous.

Do you have experience with programming (any language is okay) and electronics ?
What if your code has a bug and the motor never turns off ?

If you start with Arduino, you better start with a good tutorial and make for example nice changing colors with a ledstrip. Or an Arduino board with a sensor and a buzzer that checks the air quality.

I hope you have had some experience with pellet stoves! There is also the sequence of igniting the pellets with a cold stove.

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