is this FET Necessary?

Hey all, I am looking at conquering this circuit on my own (pretty simple looking) but I am wondering what the point of the FET is on this (up at the top) is that just to give some dimmer control to the backlight? If I didnt care that the backlight was on at all times, could I omit it and just power the backlight with the same lines I use to power the LCD? This is how I have it now in PRE I2C mode.

thanks in advance!

What circuit?

Sorry, I am slow some days.

Ok, most days...

It allows you to switch the LCD backlight on and off from the software. If you don't want this control then just wire pin 16's resistor straight to ground.

very cool, at the moment I dont care about dimming. Maybe down the road, but this is all going on a breadboard for now anyways.

It dosn't dim, it just turns it on or off.

Cool, not too worried about it. Thanks!