Is this how I can program a microcontroller by itself?

Hey guys, I’ve made a post about finding the right components to make a ATMega328P standalone.

I bought an AVR programmer from Pololu (for burning the boot loader) but I was told to get a Serial to USB as well, I was wondering if this one would work.

I’m fine with spending extra money to get a best quality one. That’s why I’m on SparkFun for this (I bought a bad one already)

Do you know for sure that that one will work and will send the sketch to the microcontroller?

The link you provided is for a "SparkFun Serial Basic Breakout - CH340G". It's got Tx, Rx, GND, and DTR pins and can provide the 5v or 3.3v to run a standalone 328p. That's enough to transfer sketches from the IDE to the 328p and handle the reset as well.

The AVR ISP V2.1 programmer from Pololu works as a serial to USB converter as well.

It is a great bargain and an extremely wise purchase choice.

Jremington... thank you so much. No one will answer that question in that simple of a answer. I’ll be using that. Thank you so much!

The Pololu is the only ISP programmer I use these days.

A great many ISP programmers are sensitive to wiring layouts, but the Pololu has the advantage that it can be slowed right down (not a real problem for burning bootloaders) and will work on setups where other programmers do not.