Is this possible and please explain to me why it may be a good or bad idea.

Hi everyone,
Let me apologize if this is in the wrong area, things have changed a bit in the last few years and I've been busy with other things. I am currently making a small project for my grandson. it is a coin eating toy similar to this one.

Instead of geared dc motor, I am using a single arduino nano and 1 small sg90 stepper motor, and a momentary switch and powering the arduino with a 5v usb wall plug.

Is it safe to simply power the single stepper off of the arduino with such a limited use device?
I know the sg90 motors are rated around 5 or 6volts, and I'm also aware that you really should power these types of motors on their own supply.

Is there a way to power both the motor and the arduino with a little larger supply(or use the 5 volt supply) ?
Can someone point me to a circuit example if it there is?

It seems to me that for limited use, simply connecting the servo(sg90) directly to pin 3 of the arduino and using pin 2 for a button press to send the servo into action should be sufficient and practical.

That being said it's a simple toy for my grandson and I'm trying to keep it simple.
Ideally, I would like it have simply 1 plug coming from the rear of the device which plugs into a usb port to power it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

1 small sg90 stepper motor,

A what?

1 small sg90 stepper motor

Do you mean a SG90 servo ?

(SG90 is a small, 9g, cheap servo)

A unloaded small servo might be powered by the Arduino 5V, but if it has a load on it it may pull the voltage down and cause the Arduino to reset. A 4 AA cell battery pack will power the servo. Or a surplus 5V 1A cell phone charger.

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