Is this possible with Arduino? Noob here. Please help!

Hi Arduino Forum!

I'm new to this whole Arduino thing but have managed to write a program that controls RGB LEDs on my Arduino. I want to take the next step and make my Arduino autonomous, that is, free from the PC that it's connected to. I would like my PHP website to tell my Arduino what color to make its RGB lights.

Is there a way for an Arduino to connect wirelessly to my home's wireless router, and then pull my PHP site which contains only simple text such as: "#009900" (RGB color)?

So it looks like this: (Arduino) ==> (home's wireless router) ==> (PHP website that contains ""#009900").

Once I'm able to get my Arduino to retrieve "#009900" it will then send this color to the RGB lights. Can someone please give me some guidance as to what wireless shields I may need (the cheaper the better too!).


You probably want a Wifly shield, which lets your Arduino get in a network via wifi.

Or an Ethernet Shield to connect directly...

For shields always check - - (imagine all of them on top of each other :)

Thank you all for your feedback! I purchased an AsyncLabs WiShield 2.0 and received it in the mail last night. I look forward to learning how to use it!

Where did you get it from? I haven't been able to find any since they ceased production in ~April.