is this possible with arduino?

hi im new to arduino and was pokeing around to see if i could make this lil project i have in mind happen but am unclear if it is possible with arduino ok so heres the plan

i would like to make a deivce i can put on my car with an accelerometer to tell me what the speed (and if possible) the rpms with gps and wifi so i can be outside my car and tells me the readings (possibley even radio?)

is this possible with arduino? im pretty sure it is just not sure how to tranfer and bunch of numbers in to miles or km if you no what im saying

thanks for any help would be greatly appericated :)

Sounds like you are looking for the MPGuino project.

Oops here is the link.

An accelerometer can not tell you what the speed and RPM is, only the acceleration.

For speed you could use GPS, but i don't know how accurate that is, or you could hack into the cars existing speedometer / RPM to get the data.

If you are outside your car, i seriously hope the speed is 0 :-)

right speed would be 0 lol but it is possible to wirelessly get the info? im thinking i might be able to splice into the speedometer senser or something use an acclearomter for speed and gps to c where it is in the world

but it is possible to wirelessly get the info?

All depends on the range you are interested in and how big your bank account is. Got some numbers?

well perferibly like 10 20 feet i have money but im not a millionaire! as cheap as possible i guess

out of curiousty how much would it cost to get a range of like 3-5 miles?

Search for XBee, some of them like XBee Pro 900 have up to 15 mile range.

some of them like XBee Pro 900 have up to 15 mile range

Good God, really? I had no idea the range was that far!

Are those kinds of ranges really attainable, or are they "best-case-scenario" numbers?

Search for XBee, some of them like XBee Pro 900 have up to 15 mile range.

I don't think so...

I don't think so...

Sparkfun description says up to 15mi, go figure.

Here is the Sparkfun listing for the XBee Pro 900 XSC RPSMA.

  • 3.3V @ 256mA 9.6kbps Max data rate 100 mW power output (up to 15 mile range!!) RPSMA antenna connector Local or over-air configuration AT command set ISM 900 MHz operating frequency Industrial (-40° C to +85° C) temperature rating Fully FCC certified Approved for use in the United States and Canada (no regulatory approvals for Europe Australia, or Japan) Advanced networking and low-power modes supported

100 mW power output (up to 15 mile range!!)

Isn't 'up to' a very convenient term for marketing. From my ham radio days I can see that being true if both stations are on top of separate mountians with direct (optical) line of site path. So you can't challenge it for not being true. However, it terms of usefulness it leaves a lot to be desired. I would see 370m as pushing it in any practical situation.

Also note

(no regulatory approvals for Europe Australia, or Japan)

Is another way of saying it is illegal in any country that caries about it's emissions.

the speedometer would be a little difficult to get data. the cable should be mechanical but you could possibly find where it comes into the circuit behind the dash gauges, and splice in somewhere.

the RPM's is a lot easier all you have to do is splice into the negative lead of the ignition coil. look up "tachometer installation"

as far as the other stuff goes thats out of my league.

atually i think it would be extremly easy to tap into the speedo most newer cars are electronic speed sensor on the trany back to the speedo but i think it would just be easyer to have an accesorometer on it

but thats only 72 bucks for 15 miles crazyness thats exacly what im looking for :) thanks for all the replys

got that photo from the data sheet... Hmm weird nvm tho ;). Have fun with your project.