Is this possible?

Is it possible to detect the range of a wireless connection to a router through an ethernet shield on an arduino? I have an ethernet shield connected to a router by cable and the router is also wireless and I have a device connected view wifi to the router. I honestly don't think this is possible but is there a way that the arduino can constantly monitor the connection strength of the device wirelessly connected to the router without that device sending the information? I'm using an old dlink router btw.

You might get more responses if you wrote your question in english.

If I understood your question the answer is that you are correct - it is not possible.

What might be possible is to use an arduino to build a WiFi signal strength detector.
You would then move the detector around to detect the strength in various locations.

Of course most laptops etc. already display signal strength so you could just use that.

There have been a lot of questions like this lately. Signal strength is not useful as an indication of distance. There are too many other factors to make it remotely reliable.

yes you can. but the acquired data will be of no use & the system will be unstable as you cannot control the physical parameters responsible for the signal strength.