is this possible?

I have a crappy android tablet that I haven't used in about a year. I was wondering if it would be possible to completely erase the android os and use it as an arduino control board?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Well, to make an Arduino control board you need an OS on your tablet so why do you want to delete it?

OK. New question. How much work would would be involved in replacing the android os with the ArdOS? Or is this to advanced for a beginner?

What's the "ArdOS"?

The Arduino OS, the OS written for arduino boards. I've rewritten android kernel to allow certain android versions to work on devices is wasn't meant to be on, would it be similar to that?

ArdOS is meant to be installed on the Arduino, not a tablet!

What do you want to do exactly with your tablet?

As i understand it, the newest arduino board is by an arm cortex. My tablet also has an arm cortex ,so what i want to do is add the ardOS to it and use its existing hardware as the sheilds.. would this be a waste of time?

I suppose your tablet has other chips than the processor.. graphics, sound, touchscreen etc.. how do you want to control these with ArdOS ?

Yes, waste of time.