Is this Possible?

I have not explored Arduino as yet but I do have a use if it's possible. Years ago I had a PC based heart monitor.

(I used to be a cardiology technician, so this was right up my alley for home use)

Basically, I need a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a ground electrode.

A board would need to pick up the electrical activity of my heart and hopefully via a USB plug, send it to my laptop, where the EKG traces would scroll across a window on my screen at the proper speed, ie, the same speed as my heart rate. The window need only be 10" wide and 3" tall and the trace complexes would need to fit inside the window. that doable using Arduino as an interface along with proper programming? (I am not a programmer nor a wiz with electronics, but this is important.

The device I had was built for Windows 98 and the manufacturer never updated the software or hardware to make it usable with Windows XP and no one is currently marketing such a device for home use.

I'd appreciate your feedback!

Hi, try these'

google arduino ekg or similar

try Search Arduino Forum box in top right hand of this screen, heartrate

Tom.... :)

You are looking for voltages and currents very much smaller than the Arduino can detect on its own. You will need some kind of amplifier to bring the signals up to a level that the Arduino analog input can work with.

Sounds like a fun project.