is this possible?

id like some advice on how i could control a heating element, show temperature, and possibly start stop a pump manually with a bluetooth connection to a arduino board, ive never done anything like this before and any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

What heating element? What pump? What bluetooth? What Arduino?
The most important thing you need to do, is to ask a good question.
Throwing together an extremely vague laundry list of words and asking for help will leave everyone annoyed and no better off.

Describe your goal. Are you using a heating element to heat up corn meal sludge and using a pump to force feed them to make foie gras? Cause for all we know, that is exactly the case.

This is not a look up service.

You need to put the effort into learning to code.

Try the basic examples that come with the IDE, then start your project.

We will help you when you run into a problem with coding or electronics.

the purpose of my question was to get help in figuring out what board i could use for this project. the sensor i would use is sold on this website, im sure it would be compatible with most any board. the heating element, is 115 volts that i get from a local source. id like to use an android app to connect to the board, see the temp in a stainless brew pot, set a temp at which the board would turn the element on or off. the pump would be used to pump cold water and doesn't really need to be controlled by the board, i just thought it would be neat if i could have a button there on the screen to turn it on and off, so obviously i need a power supply, two relays, a board, a phone, a app, and what else?? thanks for replying

While still a dismal attempt, ask yourself why none of that info was put into the first post

You need a thermometer. The DS18B20 is really good but it has a limited temperature range. If you're always going to be within its range, then that's the easiest to use. You're probably going to need one that's waterproof and washable. Or stick it to the outside of the pot.

Are you comfortable with writing the phone app yourself? I'm not, so I've got a couple of Simblee's on my desk right now because they make the phone side obey the Arduino side.

Are you comfortable doing the 110V wiring yourself? Have you done any mains wiring before? There's a lot of things that you need to know to keep you safe.

im more comfortabe with the 115 volt stuff than with the code writing software, but i would like to learn, when i get that far and have issues with it, ill just have to ask for a little help thanks for replying