is this project feasible? im completely new to this.

ok, so a little bit of backstory, i have absolutely no knowledge of arduino's accept for a few rgb tutorials i have watched.

ok, so on to the project i have in my head, im building an arcade cabinet, and i would really like to have RGB strips running around the outline of it. i want these RGB strips to change to certain colors based on the button presses of a game controller.

im not good at explaining things, the arcade cabinet is going to run on windows, with Xinput controllers.

so i guess the real question would be, is their a way for the Arduino to pick up the keypresses from the controller and use that to power leds?

the cabinet is going to have guitar hero, the guitar in windows is an Xinput device, and i want to be able to have the RGB strips match the color of the button im holding on the guitar.

im not good at getting my thoughts across into words, i know what i want to do, i just dont know how to properly write it so that people can understand.

please help me or point me in the right direction, or atleast tell me if its not feasible.

It sounds doable , but is probably a big project if you are starting out - you need to play and get some experience first .
Buy a genuine Arduino , and start playing with the code examples , then start to tackle parts of your project at a time

I think it's possible to capture they keys in AutoHotkey: Joypad to Keystroke (Guitar Hero III for PC) - Ask for Help - AutoHotkey Community
From there you could use a serial library to communicate with the Arduino, telling it which color to use. ascii serial COM comunication for arduino and I2C - AutoHotkey Community

So yeah, most likely feasible, but not trivial for someone who doesn't have experience with AHK.

Having an Arduino change the color of an RGB strip is not too difficult. You can learn that. Start with Blink() and work your way up to using the FastLED library.

Capturing the guitar inputs and getting them to the Arduino to be acted upon is going to be the hard part.