Is this real Arduino board from

Hello, a friend today told me that his arduino mega 2560 board is an original board from made in italy), it's an old version so i'm not sure if this true
I notice the fuse near usb port is green, i dont see any original boards with fuse like that
I will attach picture. Thanks

I think you're right about the fuse. The "How to spot a counterfeit Arduino" page specifically says that the boards with the green fuse are counterfeit:

Things are more complicated now than they used to be because they have made some changes to the boards. So there are official boards with the old design and official boards with the new design. Then there are the boards, which were the result of a legal dispute between the original creators of Arduino. I think the counterfeit page is actually outdated on the official fuse design. If you look at the new official boards, the fuse is still black and gold but now it has an infinity symbol on it instead of 501K.

Thanks, i want someone to comfirm
legit( real/original) boards never use green fuse?



Here's a major fake-alert! The component 501 K located next to the voltage regulator is generally green on fake boards. The green one has similar properties as the original Arduino golden-black component and is available off the shelf.

We get it specially made for Arduino to make it look different:

Original board


The statement is clear. If it has a green fuse then it's counterfeit. If your friend bought that board thinking it was genuine then they got ripped off.

That said, the counterfeit board will almost certainly work fine. You might suggest that they report the seller of the counterfeit product and make a donation to Arduino to help support the development work that everyone in the community benefits from, regardless of whether they are using genuine Arduino products:


We strongly recommend to report the vendor where did you buy the board from.