Is this Solid State Relay any use with Arduino?

Hi All, I’ve started to get a bit more time on my hands and had a few ideas of projects to build - but I’m a bit stuck. If anyone could help me out I’d me very grateful.

I’m trying go turn a lamp on/off with my Arduino. As simple as that. But I live in the UK, so do I need a specific type of Solid State Relay to do this? I understand this forum is smothered with info, but I need to find the right piece of kit.

I’d like it to come pre-assembled like the one below. Is this any use?

If this one is no use, does anyone have any suggestions?


Could this one work?

60A SSR Solid State Relay Input: 3 – 32V DC Output handling: 24 – 380V AC Current: 60A maximum

Cheers :)

60 Amps is a bit overkill for your needs but yes it would work. The price is very good too.

P.S. I am in Manchester too, where are you?

Hi, This guy has a 25A version and I've ordered and received a few things from him:

You might consider regular relays too:

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...!

Grumpy_Mike: 60 Amps is a bit overkill for your needs but yes it would work. The price is very good too.

P.S. I am in Manchester too, where are you?

Hi Grumpy_Mike, I've met you before at Hacman down the road. I work on High Street opposite the Arndale! Thanks for your help both of you.

Hi Jamiewhite,

First, just to ensure full disclosure, here's my big fat disclaimer.... I'm the EMEA Technical Sales Manager for Crydom. Obviously, I have my opinion as to which relay you should select. :)

Honestly, it's hard to tell you whether or not it's the best choice as I didn't see all of your application's specs. I'm assuming it's a 240Vac line and you need a DC logic-level input, but what is the actual load current through the lamp? And, is it a straight-forward incandescent lighting application, or are you switching power to a ballast?

I agree with Grumpy_Mike that 60A looks like overkill, but only on the basis that you were originally considering a 4A Crydom SSR. Also, the 25A and 60A relays are "hockey puck" style, which means they are physically quite a bit bigger. But, if size doesn't matter then I guess that's not an issue.

From a reliability side I can't say much about the other two options. I've been working in the market for 18 years and I've never heard of ShenLen, and the other relay didn't have a manufacturer's name or logo on the relay.

Anyway, we're here to help if we can. Just let me know.

Best of luck with your project.

By the way... our EMEA headquarters is in Poole, so feel free to give us a call any time you need technical information about AC or DC SSRs. Our direct tech support line is 01202 606 028 -