Is this TFT shield exapndable?

Could A REAL USER of this shield confirm to me that the unconnected feed thru holes are usable by adding another header pins to the shield to connect to the Due board?

I like to know if the feed thru holes have too much solder in them so it may be impractical to drill the solder out.

Please replay only if you know from actual experience. Thanks you for your time.

I have that shield, but I bought mine from Coldtears direct. Yes you can fit additional headers to the unused pins.



Thank you.


There is just a couple of points you should be aware of....

Pin 9 is wired to LCD LED A+ PWM, it can be enabled/disabled by jumper. Pin 10 is wired to alternative SPI SS, it can be enabled/disabled by jumper.

Although no header is fitted on arrival to these 2 pins there are pcb tracks run to the header holes.

All remaining empty header holes do NOT have any tracks going to them.....

Hope that helps.

By the way, that is a DAMN GOOD price for the CTE Due shield!



Thanks Graham, I decided against the interface shield for now. I need to build my prototype using my current setup with LCD. I am relying on the LCD during code development and I anticipate there are going to be few snags with TFT. Not looking forward to have 40 pins cable - too many places for error, but little easier to use scope in open space instead of being limited by the interface shield access.

But I can always change my mind.

Until the hardware gets here I am busy searching TFT libraries for full size keyboard software. Fun. Vaclav

Don't quote me, but I think HazardsMind has a library as a supplement to UTFT which includes a keyboard......