Is this the right starter kit for my needs?

I am a total Arduino beginner who knows nothing about electronics, or hardware.

Although, I just finished an hour-long Arduino total beginner course on

I am a very experienced iPhone developer who has worked with IoT devices like beacons so I have other applicable skills.

I am trying to learn how to get a strain gauge to connect to wifi to send load information into the cloud. For instance, if a container with a bag of goop starts to empty out, I want to send a message through wifi that the contents are running low.

Looking at the Arduino kits out there, it seems like I could get up to speed on how to do this using the "Arduino IoT MKR1000 WiFi Bundle Starter Kit".

My questions are:

  • Is this the right kit to get started learning how to do this?
  • Would it be very difficult to learn?
  • I don't think the kit comes with a strain gauge, so how would I work that piece into the equation, and what and how would I get the relevant components?
  • Using the items that come with the kit, could I prototype most of the process and perhaps use a sensor in place of the strain gauge that could approximate the input?