Is This Uno Fake?

Hey there... I recently received a new uno in the mail, ordered from amazon. It works fine and everything is solid so I have no intentions on returning this... but the on-board print is not only different from any other uno I have owned/seen, but it is also a lower quality print on board... here are some pictures... just curious if you guys think its fake as well.


Looks like a clone. It says “DESIGN IN ITALY” rather than “MADE IN ITALY” and the image of Italy is less precise:

Looks like they didn't know how to spell either (electroics).

Amazon sells fakes/clones too now? Sheesh.

KirAsh4: Amazon sells fakes/clones too now? Sheesh.

Amazon is effectively a virtual mall. Nearly anyone can sell anything on through their site. So no, "Amazon" doesn't sell Arduinos now. Some other seller has Arduinos listed through Amazon.

i agree