Is this wall adapter ok for an arduino?

Hi there,
I´ve got a wall adapter wihth this characteristics, and would like to know if it would work with my Arduino Mega:
AC/DC Adapter
Input: 100/240 v 50/60mA 250 mA
Output: 9 v ___ 1.5A
The center pin is positive.

The problem is that the plug is not 2.1 mm but smaller. Could I just get an adapter for that?
Thanks for your help!

Yes, 9V/1.5A is ok. Yes, find an adapter. Need 5.5mm outer/2.1mm inner size.

Make sure you wire the outer ring as Gnd, and the inner conductor as 9V.


Is that a [u]regulated[/u] 9V output?

If not, with little or no load, its output will be considerably more than "9V". 12V, 15V, probably more. Just trying to avoid an "everything's OK till I do (this and that) and then the little yellow thingy and some other parts next to it get very hot and make a funny smell.. is that ok?" situation.

Some of my “12V DC” wall adapters I have measured putting out 18V under a light load, so I agree with Runaway Pancake that things may get hot if it isn’t a regulated supply.