Is TX/RX pins is the same as the other 2-13 pins?

Hello folks,

So long story short I am trying to make an LED Cube 3x3x3 on my Arduino Uno right now and one of the pin unfortunately have something stuck inside it. So I was just thinking if I use TX/RX pins as replacement, will it work like normal or is there any code that I should include?

ledcube.pde (4.57 KB) (7.9 KB)


Tx and Rx of an UNO are connected to D0 and D1.

Remove it, or replace the headers.

Tried it but too hard to remove it and to replace the header, I'm not sure since I have to solder them again and I'm suck at it

Try to get a thin flat screw driver or a small pocket knife blade under the plastic header. Gently pry it at different points. You should be able to pull this piece off and replace it after clearing the broken pin.

Why not use one of the analog pins?

Why not use one of the analog pins?

Because they are analog pins of course! :astonished: