Is USB 3.0 okay with Arduino?

Hello, I am going to buy a laptop and I plan to use it for Arduino projects. I see from some discussions in this forum that people faced problem with using USB 3.0 with arduino. I am wondering, is the problem still going on? OR, this has been resolved in new arduino IDE? Can anybody suggest me if the USB 3.0 now okay or not for arduino UNO board? Thank you very much.

Can you link to specific USB3.0 problems? I never saw them...

But USB 3.x is fully compatible with USB 2.0 so I can't see why it does not work...

Some USB 3.0 chipsets are really picky about what devices work on them, others just work. Newer devices seem to work better on this front - I think it would be called teething problems.

In any event, this is not an Arduino issue, it's a hardware/driver issue that impacts USB 3.0 in general.

I have a computer that has always had picky USB 3.0, and - among other things - neither mice nor keyboards will work on USB 3.0 either, though harddrives and CH340G serial adapters work great. I had another one where most things worked on the USB 3.0 port, but I think a few things I'd run into didn't work in that port, but did in the USB 2.0 one, and on my current laptop, everything works via USB 3.0. And on ones that had problems, using a hub between computer and device fixed most issues.

That's my experience at least.

Had the same problem with usb 3.0. You should just make sure you type device manager and follow the steps from there. Repeat: device managers not devices and printers