Is what Im doing considered using Arduino protocols

Hello everyone.

I have an Arduino assignment for studies and it requires some sort of protocol usage.
Now I have been reading quite a bit about what protocols are and so on. However, I cannot really understand whether what I have in my project is considered using protocols.

What I have is a dht11 temperature and humidity module and I am using an esp8266 esp01 to feed the values to my computer via wifi and making the values show up on thingspeak.

Now I am using SoftwareSerial for this and if I understood correctly it sort of counts as a protocol.

I am just wondering if this is correct.

If not, how could I implement some sort of protocol usage into this sort of program of mine?

Thank you very much for your answers!

No, a protocol in this context is "an agreed upon set of rules for data representation and processing". Software Serial is more like an interface. Serial itself is a protocol because the low level timing is defined, along with the way in which data is represented for transmission. Thingspeak also has protocols.

I would think that the method of communication between the DHT11 and the Arduino meets @anon57585045 's definition of a protocol.

I agree. For marks, though, you would have to highlight that with some demonstration or explanations. Even if the bar is set low for this assignment.

Thank you so much for the answers!

I of course am not asking you to tell me how to explain this.
But what should I pay attention to, keep in mind when trying to explain how this is a protocol?

Like is there any specific things in the communication between the 2 which I should know?

Do a search for "dht11 communication protocol"?

"here is the timing requirement for the signals, here is the sequence of events, here is how any data that is transmitted is received and interpreted..."

Myself, I would use RS-232 as an example because it will be easier to find information on it.

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