IS31FL3731 - Can I control both Charlieplexed and normal arrays?

Hello everyone, this is my first post and as usual, I come in a time of need.

It turns out that I am trying to design a system that is capable of controlling LED arrays in a normal (nxn) and Charlieplexed configuration with a maximum number of 50 diodes. This should not happen at the same time, but first through a GUI I define the type of array and then I connect it.

For that, the IC that has caught my attention is the IS31FL3731 from Lumissil Microsystems, since -as I understood- every pin that can be connected to the arrays can work as a current source and as a sink.

However, I can't find anything in the datasheet that confirms my idea, and also the way that the instruction set work kind of confuses me.

If someone can guide me or give me some advice on how to do this it would be very helpful.

31FL3731 (144 Leds).pdf (735 KB)

A link to the whole data sheet would have been useful.

The chip is designed to drive charlieplexed matrixes. Are you wanting to drive standard 8x8 led matrix modules? I don’t see a way it could do that. Maybe small conventional matrices, eg. 4x4, but they are not commonly available as a standard module. If you have to create your own matrix from individual leds, you might as well make it charlieplexed.