ISD1700 Chip VRecord/Playback Batch Programming

Hi, I am using an ISD17xx voice chip in SPI mode, controlled by a microcontroller. Everything is working fine; however, I need to find a way to program the chip with .wav files from my PC (Windows XP). I have an audio cable linked from my sound card to the ISD part (Pin9). Using player sw (Audacity), I can play a wav file and record it into the ISD device by simultaneously pressing the REC button. I need a way to download/record multiple files quickly for (hopefully) a large number of parts. One idea is to make one long wav file and insert EOM markers between the individual files (assuming anyone has information on what the EOM marker is and how to insert it). I would like to avoid getting the eval system ($150+). Any ideas on how to go about batch programming would be appreciated. My goal is to be able to program each chip in a few seconds with multiple wav files. Thanks.