ISD1724 voiceshield wont' work

We (newbies!) want to give our robot a voice. Make sentences out of a list of single-word-files. We soldered a voiceshield together, using an ISD1724 chipcorder and attached it to the arduino dualmilanuove (pins 10=SS, 11=MOSI, 12= MISO, 13= CLK). Heatherfile and example sketch downloaded from Heatherfile-folder unzipped and added to arduino library. Examplesketch-lines pasted into arduino skectch. It wont' work.. no sign of life!

But the chipcorder does respond wen we include a ISD1700 heatherfile + sketch from But here we cannot find the right cammands to play a specific sample.

We want tot program to play a specific order of samples. Like: 'Can I have a cup of coffee' (#2, #6, #10, #1, #3, #8, #20). With the software on that should be no problem.

Can anyone help us?