Isochronic Tones

Greetings. I am new to Arduino. I am experimenting with tones and would like to create isochronic tones. This would require a tone(at any audible frequency) to play so many times per second. Does anyone have any guidance to offer with this objective?

Like the sound is gated by something else, so have bursts of sound?

I basically want to set a tone(doesn't matter the frequency) to pulse on and off so many times per second. For example, ten pulses per second.

tone on - tone off - tone on - tone off. Easy to do in software with millis().

Do you really want hard stop & stop, which sounds like a pulse or click at the beginning and end of tone burst?

Right, there are synth libraries that would let you generate a tone with an envelope so the start/stop could be more gradual. Also, you can pick the type of wave so it doesn't sound as harsh as a square wave.

A SINE wave sounds very smooth, but it is also the softest and would probably require an amplifier to hear loudly enough.