ISP Header with NRF24 attatched.

Hi. Couple of quick questions...

Was unsure of which sub-forum this may be in but I guess it it "general" guidance.

I am going to be trying to make some standalone atmega328pu boards with an nrf24l modules attached.

  1. I am assuming that I can just have the MISO/MOSI/etc. SPI pins used for in system programming even with the nrf attatched to the same MOSI/MISO SPI pins?

  2. Does the reset pin basically place the MCU in to a sort of "programming" mode?

  3. I guess I need to use a 3.3V regulator for the nrf24 modules (3.3V power and 5V logic is fine apparently...why cant they just add a 3.3V reg themselves...)?

If you are making a standalone Atmega 328 with an nRF24 why not make life simple and power everything at 3.3volts.

I don't know the answer to your SPI programming question but I suspect you will need to be able to differentiate between the nRF24 and the Atmega 328.

I program my Atmega 328s with a USB-ttl cable.


Read up on Select or Enable pins and take a look at your NFR2400....

Thank you both!

Yeah, I assumed that most sensors were 5V, but it seems a lot are happy at 3.3V

Saves me hassle.

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  1. Does the reset pin basically place the MCU in to a sort of "programming" mode?

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If you mean loading a sketch, the boot loader will accept an attempt to load a sketch for a few seconds after a reset. You do not require a bootloader, incidentally, if you load sketches using ISP.
Here is an excellent explanation:

I happened to have tons of boards with isp and NRF24 header. if you want them, I can send you few for free.